Polling & Insights

Cutting through the noise and transforming complicated polling data into bite-sized practical recommendations

Arden offers both qualitative insight research in the UK and quantitative polling internationally. Our rigorous methodology combined with our experience and analytical approach delivers powerful insights.

We have a developed specialism in undertaking qualitative perception audits. We work with our clients’ to identify issues and then undertake detailed conversations in-depth interviews with our clients’ target audiences. Our rigorous methodology helps clients navigate risk, get ahead of changing attitudes and understand how they and their arguments are perceived amongst target audiences.

We cut through the noise and transform complicated sets of polling data into bite-sized practical recommendations. We’ve helped dozens of FTSE250 & FTSE100 companies better understand their reputation among decision makers and influencers. In some cases this has enabled clients to successfully reshape their strategy months earlier than they otherwise would have done.

Internationally, we have teamed up with a select group of partner polling agencies enabling Arden Polling to offer quantitative polling to election candidates and campaigns across the world.