International Elections

Offering the full spectrum of election campaign services to inspiring candidates internationally

Arden supports inspiring candidates to run winning campaigns, that they, and we, are rightly proud of. We are highly discerning in our choice of clients and have worked on dozens of high profile elections and advised more than thirty Prime Ministers and Presidents.

We offer the full spectrum of election campaign services incorporating outstanding traditional campaign support alongside innovative digital communication and engagement strategies. Working with our clients we formulate campaign messaging, policy offer, clarity of political definition, activist mobilisation and voter turnout strategies.

Candidates on every continent have benefited from Arden’s specialism in political communications. We also connect candidates and their campaigns with the international media by offering invaluable insight and guidance on establishing trusted connections with the most important newspapers, broadcasters and digital news platforms across the world.

Crucially, we are led by a senior team of former politicians and campaign strategists who are steeped in the fast paced and high pressure atmosphere of election planning and execution.