Corporate Advisory

Supporting businesses and charities to better understand public policy

In these uncertain times, our clients increasingly feel that it is important to engage with politics and policymakers. We provide the tools that enable them to confidently do just that.

We offer clients compelling insights and sophisticated understanding. Our unique experience of current affairs, and an innovative approach to thought leadership, helps ensure that our corporate and charity clients are listened to and that their ideas are respected.

And because of the Arden team’s extensive experience, we are able to provide a rare combination of insight and strategy that is intellectually rigorous and has real-life practical application.

In an era of disruptive change and global uncertainty we also counsel our clients on political risk and their strategic mitigation planning while also translating political events in a way that makes sense to business.

Additionally, we work alongside clients’ in-house communications teams to provide expertise and an unrivalled insight on stakeholder engagement.